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Republic of Gamers ! Asus Rampage III Extreme Asus GTX 460 1 Gig Directcu 24 Gig 6x4 G.Skill Tri Channel Antec Twelve Hundred 1000 Watt KingWin Modular PS 80 gig SSD OCZ 2 TB Seagate Barracuda

new gaming PC (he bought the parts lol) i7 quad core procecessor 1600 DDR3 4 GIG 500 Seashit hard-dick disk EVGA GTX 470 PCI express (HDMI) COOLER MASTER FULL TOWER CASE ASUS MOBO WINDOWS 7 ULTIMATE!

An Old WoW PVP Video...Our 5s Team TEAM DICKBOYS our job is to irritate peeps in arena GG!!

Meh, we decided to rekindle our accounts, boost to level 90, noob it out, and explore the better MMO of our time! D I C K B O Y S for the FucKIng Wiiiin YEJJJHH!!!!!

We began our media development as "The Dickboys" and spent many hours, time aging, and being total bums from 2005-2010 as serious World of War Craft PVPers participating in Arenas (breaking several expensive keyboards and mouses)... as well as end-game raiding content. I began the game in 2005 as a Holy Paladin leveling as noob and not knowing MMO mechanics. Brent came in shortly as a Druid and the rest...well its history. Please feel free to visit our youtube page at the icon on the bottom of this page to view our old, yet funny and insatiably ridiculous/douche-baggery antics. Hey. "The Dickboys for the fucking win yeh!!!" was our motto and it paved the foundation for the Orbiting Press.