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oooOOooOK! So being the movie snob that I am and going into this movie with reservation and preconceived notions have now been completely tossed out the window. There are very few times that I prove myself in error and this would have to be it. Batman versus Superman: Dawn of Justice blew away any online hatred that I may have had about Ben Affleck as "Batman" and Jeremy Irons as "Alfred"...HOWEVER, I must point out that all but ONE point in this movie got crossed off my reservation list...Jesse Eisenberg. Nothing against his acting prowess more so on the casting choice to play the all-to-serious and overtly intelligent human, Lex Luthor. His portrayal and look just did not do it for me. 

Alright got that bad lemon out of the way. Regardless of THAT character the movie was phenomenal and carried me all the way through wanting more. I have to say and will point out that DISNEY and Marvel but mostly DISNEY are maleficent, jealous, and sinister. DC Comics is breaking into the movie business and from what the "reviews" state of this movie, I declare as all false. Perhaps Disney PAID...PAIIIIID writers and skeptics to put down this movie. Who knows? I for one am not buying the negative feedback. 

All I can say...Wonder Woman...FUUUUUCK YEAH!!!!




The producers kept her natural speaking accent in which kept it interstellarly beautiful and unique. Wonder Woman is a magical creature from GREEK Mythology and by keeping her speaking accent unchanged was a worthy addition to the movie!

This movie is NOT a Marvel/Disney flick and if your expecting the humorous puns and over the top CG fight scenes, you are not appreciating cinema. Zack Snyder did a magnificent job with the story line and captured the essence of a TRUE DC Comic portrayal. Marvel has always been a more "playful" comic than DC. I am not sure if this is the best choice of words in describing and I am sure some would disagree. Subjectively, Marvel does too much liberal writing in their comics and always look to relate the average daily life of a human to a super hero. I don't give a shit about Spider Man not getting a date with Mary Jane because he is too pussy to ask her out! I WANT DARKNESS I WANT GODS AMONG MEN!!! For me Comic Book characters portrayed and written in DC are above our mode of thought and physical means. Bruce Wayne is one of us "normal" humans but he is disturbed. DEEPLY disturbed as a child and if you do not know his backstory then your stupid for not. Superman is also disturbed but in a different way. He wants to be human but his alien ability to be super makes him a God. Not saying that Marvel does not have character back drops, I personally feel that DC's characters go far deeper in emotion and thought. 

In the end, I am not going to debate which franchise has the bigger dick over the other. The point is DC deserves to break into the Comic Book Movie world and I encourage ALL TO SEE and SUPPORT this type of comic book movie. I will end with this. DC Comics has always laid the foundation of super characters and story lines. If you READ comics you will understand and know that Marvel has always and I mean always copied/mirrored toons from are some examples of similarities who was created (DC) first/ (Marvel) second:

Atom/Antman -both can shrink

Batman/Ironman-Rich boys one with an iron suit but no parent issues

Superman/Captain American and Hulk-Super in every way basically Gods

Wonder Woman/Thor-Greek/Viking Mythology

The Flash/Quicksilver-both speedsters

By Ryan Quon

Edited by Brent Bullard



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DEADPOOL, see it, believe it, feel it and embrace it. Honest Review. HIDE YOUR CHILDREN.


DEADPOOL, see it, believe it, feel it and embrace it. Honest Review. HIDE YOUR CHILDREN.

Seeing the movie at The Block in Orange and then the Arc Light at Pasadena, CA ending my night at 4:30 AM... I am fucking exhausted after viewing a two-screen ETX and IMAX showings. I will cherish the opportunity to be invited to see DEADPOOL. Ryan Reynolds redeems himself from the puny 2011  Green Lantern flick and invites the humility in his own snarky critique in Fox's Deadpool. I must point out to those who do not know that this raises the level of humor and humility because Green Lantern is DC and Deadpool is Marvel, being two different universes. Just food for thought :)

Just love it. No over the top special affects like Bryan Singer's upcoming X-Men ApocoShitZ. Unlike Rotten Tomatoes, IGN and other digital threads who were paid to see the movie and review, this guy and one other viewed and loved the Valentine perfectly timed themed movie. As has been proven in the past by titles like Iron Man and Guardians of the Galaxy, humor goes a very long way in making comic book movies stand out, and it’s the fact that Deadpool is constantly L O L and R O F L. 

I jointly enjoy the usage of 80s rock and 90s hip hop to get the crowd mentally taking snapshots of when they last heard that song! Of course 80 percent of movie goers are Millennial generation garnishing their parents hard worked money to see it in ETX or IMAX, Googling the song and then downloading the song because either they never existed at that time or never paid any attention until a movie brought it back to life! aAhhHh Millenials...taking ownership of something already created and they remake it in their own image, calling themeselves "unique..." O.K enough of my personal opinions of movie-goers these digital modern days.  

Anyways! THIS CHICK is soooOOOooo smoking Hot. Morena Baccarin

the star of Homeland, the badass but short lived Firefly series and Serenity movie graces the DEadPoOl movie with her unsurpassed cute-featuresand Super Geek bombing body...o..K...will stop...going nerd Super Saiyain. Additionally, the movie certainly takes full advantage of its R-rating – racking up decapitated heads, hands and brain matter that clearly demonstrates the protagonist’s anti-hero status – but it also never pushes the violence towards unpleasant gratuity. Combined with some excellent production and costume design (it’s hard to get over how great the Deadpool suit looks), and a wonderfully eclectic soundtrack, the film brandishes fantastic flair and thrills that complete the picture.

The inclusion of the 2 X-Men, Colossus (debut Giant-Size X-Men #1 1975) and  Negasonic (debut New X-Men #155 2001) graces their cameo in Deadpool. The produced and written format for both characters fit all so well. Ryan Reynold's character takes it a step further by being self-aware in the movie as a movie character, if that makes any sense, taking a verbal pot-shot at Fox Studios for having a low budget showing the colossal X-Men Mansion but only 2 present X-men. 

Lastly, the ending credits gave us yet another Marvel teaser with a sequel. THAT generation who never read a comic book and chooses the short and concise YouTube/Google edu-muHcation route, Googled at the end of the movie "CABLE." Son of Cyclops and Jean Grey (well her clone Madelyn Pryor) because Marvel kills off Jean Grey as many times as they can to constantly give Cyclops more opportunities to fuck Telekenitc women...REGARDLESS Cable (first appearance Uncanny X-Men #201 Jan 1986) is from the 23rd century which ties in the Apocalypse. 

Overall...please see this movie. Hide your children because its not appropriate. LoL enjoy

Orbiting out of Pasadena CA

Ryan Quon


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So watching the Super Bowl with my staff at The Orbiting Press Studios really put a dent in our spirits for this already mixed-emotions-movie. Granted, I love(ED) X-Men and while a tweenager in the early 90's, I remember getting my ass up early on Saturday morning and tuning into FOX to watch badass characters come to life in animation. Again Bryan Singer somehow pulls the funds out of his rich egotistical-ass backing his movies with over the top, poor casting and rushed special affects. Yes, I sound like a dick that has no idea how to make a movie but I know for certain that this these X-Men "adaptations" are far from the original universe. In my nerd rage I will still watch this shit and complain about Bryan Singer directing another X-Men movie...

The poor casting comes from two iconic characters: Psylocke and Storm. The trailer brought us a look at Olivia Munn and Alexandra Shipp. Meh...I am not sure about the acting capabilities of both but will see. I loved...again LOVE(ED) Olivia Munn in the ill-fated G4tv Attack of the Show making her success on willful and hopeful nerds. Those nerds spring boarded her into Comedy Central and now we see her on the big screen. GOOD FOR HER...but damn I do hope I am wrong about her in X-Men. Fox Studios could have casted a beautiful Asian from England with an ENGLISH accent. Not sure how the movie will pull this off with Olivia but from my understanding, Psylocke is the sister of Captain Britain. 

Every time I hear, watch, and see promotions of X-Men:Apocalypse I breathe a hefty sigh of sadness and disappointment. Most people would disagree and really flock to the movies like fleas on a cat. I enjoyed the prequel X-Men adaptations as the castings for those fit-well however, the adaptions being produced and written still bug the shit out of me. 

The one actress that I WILL fart up the cash just to see is Sophie Turner. Her portrayal of Jean Grey will be the decisive factor in me actually giving this movie at hearty half-thumbs up and 5 percent of brain attention span. 

We all know a few months ago that Twitter blew up with the Apocalypse actor. I will point out as so many have that the villain I came to love in the 90s reading X-Men comics looks as if his ass was taken from a low budget Power Ranger Saturday morning episode. This only adds fuel to the fire that Bryan Singer sucks badly as a story-teller but successfully pulls money and funding for his fuck-ups. How unsuccessful  Bryan Singer's "adaptations" is for fanboys is fuel for his success in the box office. No matter how shitty it may seem, people will still puke up their money to go see this shit. 

So will I. 

Orbiting from Pasadena California

Ryan Quon



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