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TwitchCon 2017 More Ways to Get Your Money! Long Beach California


TwitchCon 2017 More Ways to Get Your Money! Long Beach California


Long Beach, CA
October 20-22

Cosplay! Games! Nerds! Socially Awkward! and EGOS!

"From the most established streamers, to those brand new to the scene, to the viewers, chatters, & emote spammers, we’ve all had a hand in creating something special. TwitchCon is a celebration of those stories and a showcase for the creators who will write the next chapters.

Join us for a glorious weekend-long journey through the personalities, games, and groups that make Twitch, Twitch. Whether you’re new to Twitch and want to improve your channel, trying to make the leap to Partnership, meet other streamers you admire, check out the latest games and hardware, or just watch some unique content with the rest of the community, TwitchCon has something for everyone." --Twitch Con Website 2017

Well lets look to reflect the most egotistically, nerdastic, and egomaniac phenomenon to continue developing narcissistic behaviors! Well I am honest to say that I do watch a few channels however, there are those, of course who are "content creators" looking to sell their image on Twitch and get the donations needed for their creations. Of course these creators during their streams subliminally asking for money, especially the female streamer...oK perhaps they are appealing those bubbly personalities to viewers in hopes of getting money. 

After all, its all about numbers and all about the "partners." Twitch has always been a great outlet for those willing to expose themselves but there are some streamers who definitely EXPOSE themselves.


Last 2016 Twitch Con I attended it was much larger and hosted at the infamous San Diego Convention Center. I guess the Twitch owners and partners did not receive enough money in donations to get San Diego. Definitely I have no complaints at Long Beach as the location is closer to my lazy ass...nevertheless, Long Beach is where Cons and Expos go to DIE a slow and dissipating death. This is where Star Trek Expo and Wizard World met its end!!!!

Well listed below is a list from the Media Keynote for more ways to get money out of Y O U ...fools ... I attended on Friday October 20th:

  • Stream summary: Creators want to know how their stream went after it ends and starting in November, Stream Summary makes that a reality. This summary will include the most relevant stats around viewers, follows, and chat activity, surface top clips, and show how their last stream impacted progress towards becoming an Affiliate or Partner. Timing: November, 2017
  • Achievements: Achievements help creators trace the path to Affiliate and Partner status by showing them their progress toward each requirement. Achievements also help creators learn Twitch streaming basics, improve their channel, connect with their community, and more! Timing: November, 2017
  • Raids: Raids--a way that creators help each other grow by sharing their community with another channel--are now easier than ever. A new /raid feature allows streamers to seamlessly let their viewers join a raid and then drive traffic to another streamer. This new feature also includes tracking to see who raided your channel and improved moderation features, such as the ability to choose who can raid your channel through new settings. Timing: November, 2017
  • Rituals: Rituals make it easier for creators to celebrate special moments that bring their community together. The initial Ritual enables creators to signal to their community in chat that a visitor is new to the channel and to welcome them. Timing: November, 2017
  • Premieres: Premieres allow creators to maximize the excitement, anticipation, and viewership around new uploaded content by creating live first-viewing events. Similar to how people gather around the TV for the debut of a favorite show, fans can now do the same virtually for a creator’s new uploaded content. Creators can watch along with their community to provide insights, commentary, or just enjoy the show with their community. Timing: Q4 2017
  • Rooms: With Rooms, creators can develop smaller, parallel chat groups for users with shared interests, including moderators, subscribers, followers, and other community members. Timing: Q4 2017
  • Subscription gifting: Subscription Gifting allows anyone to gift 1-month subscriptions to any streamer’s channel to anyone on Twitch. Timing: Pre-holiday, Q4 2017
  • In-Extension purchases: Enables partners and affiliates to earn revenue from developer-created digital items that viewers buy within Extensions. Timing: Beta in November, 2017

The following milestones were also announced:

  • Twitch’s commitment to building the most means of monetization for creators has resulted in a massive year-over-year increase in revenue. In 2017, more than double the amount of money was paid to individual Partners with 71% more money generated on average.
  • Twitch Prime, which was announced at TwitchCon 2016, has been a huge success, bringing in 50% more subscriptions for streamers. That works out to one new sub every four seconds.
  • Representing one of the most successful discovery features Twitch has launched is Clips, which are up to 60 second snippets of video. There have been more than 1 billion views of Clips on Twitch since launch, including over 2.4 million views for the most-watched Clip of all time by JurassicJunkie.
  • Earlier this year, Twitch expanded monetization support to tens of thousands of non-partnered streamers with the Twitch Affiliates Program. Within six months after its launch, over 110,000 creators have joined the program.
  • To ensure the best quality of service, video delay has been reduced an average of 60%.
  • AutoMod, the machine-based learning chatbot that ensures creators can effectively mitigate inappropriate behavior in chat, currently scans over 320 million chat messages a month.
  • Twitch Extensions are a new set of tools that allow developers to help creators customize their channel pages with interactive experiences. They’re flexible, dynamic, easy to build, and easy to use. In the six weeks since launch, streamers have shared their extensions with over 15 million viewers, and more than 1100 developers have registered to create an Extension.

Twitch also held its inaugural TwitchCon Developer Day on October 19, demonstrating its commitment to improving support for its developer community. At the event hosted by the Twitch Developers team, Twitch announced new Twitch API webhooks, improvements to Drops, and more improvements to Extensions. Twitch also revealed a program to support developers of promising extensions with credits for Amazon Web Services.

To recap there of course is the Cosplay and Talent show...more ways for those who have soooooOoo much extra time than "normal" humans to create beautiful costumes. The Metroid rendition I admit is badass! The skills needed and the time dedicated can be seen on the content creators stream channel. So donate and view as you may fools! See you all next year cunts!

by Ryan Quon