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E3 2015 New Titles, VR Devices, and Too Many people...BADASS SHOW!

Another exciting day and another super badass Electronic Entertainment Expo at Los Angeles 2015! Well to recap there is just too much this year to really sit down and nit-pick which game stood-out, or which developer took E3 by storm. The great thing about events like these is that gaming is subjective to the player. Marketing and PR departments definitely  reach out to the types of gamers as...

  • First Person Shooters- FPS
  • Role Playing- RPG 
  • Sports
  • Mobile App
  • Musical-Guitar Hero/Rockband
  • Strategy

Whatever fits your fantasy E3 has it all! Some of the Xbox One and PlayStation titles  I discussed in the previous article ...

What I do want to discuss are the games I actually demo'ed. The first appointment I had was Halo 5 Guardians. Not sure what is up with all the sub-titles being "Guardians" in most of 2015 releases but fuck whatever. Before getting into the gameplay the Media Press were able to not only schedule an appointment and not wait 5 hours in line but also experience a VR/open visor that made the experience more immersive. They sat us in a room and debriefed us "Spartans" and then fitted a VR-type visor that allowed us to see in-game features within the actual hallway and room before actually playing the game. Pretty badass feature to sell more geeks into buying Halo 5...although this VR tech is not available to the public and I was not allowed to video/photograph any of the tech. Moving on to the gameplay it is what to be expected of a Halo game. Solid, fun, shit flying everywhere, and added perks. Same shit but different title and looks better due to the Xbox One power. 

The second game demo'ed was COD: Black Ops I stand corrected it is a different game, just slightly. It incorporates finishing moves and quick-reactive mechanics. Solid gameplay and campaign mode is a must play through. 

Bethesda graduated from a small corporation of creating RPG and in-depth environments to mega titles. The scale and scope of Fallout 4 surpasses its predecessors with more apocalyptic and futuristic gameplay. The open floor panel was very immersive as the the developers engaged themselves breaking down their game and really marketing how their game is successful. Although Fallout 4 had no demo-able content, it still stood out as a solid development from Bethesda.

I demo'ed many more games including mobile app turn-base, Disney Pixar Star Wars shit,  and the more notable titles for example, Star Fox, Batman: Arkaham Knight, Street Fighter V, and Star Wars Battlefront. Sadly, no media were allowed to video, or photograph certain game titles like Star Wars. 

Some of the sleeper games that I feel are...

  • Star Wars the Old Republic: Knights of the Fallen Empire-an expansion to level 60 with new content. 
  • Legend of Zelda
  • XCOM 2
  • Xenoblade Chronicles X
  • Tom Clancy's The Division
can't really see the straps...basically sucked under his dick and anus....

can't really see the straps...basically sucked under his dick and anus....

Hyperkin's "Smartboy" 

Hyperkin's "Smartboy" 

Other points of interest were certain devices. The VR shit was for me, meh...3D was a fad and perhaps VR will be too. My take on the tech, it IS there, however the affordability and practicality of the devices being developed are just meh.... There was one VR get-up that reminded me of a baby walker...the player basically was in a harness that literally looked horribly uncomfortable smashed up against his anus and dick. Gamer was walking in-place in a makeshift girder. The next device that caught my eye and still under development is a Gameboy old school cartridge device to play on your modern smart phone. a Unique idea by Hyperkin called the "Smartboy."

All in all my lasting statements are regarding E3 management. Please...please...conservatively speaking...I understand the goal of E3 is to PR/Market games in a positive light by inviting INDUSTRY ONLY and INDUSTRY AFFILIATES to the Expo. Please, limit the number of "excess" attendants that are Cosplayers, saw SOME children, and the extra 5,000 attendee invites to the public. It was very congested this year and highly unsafe in the event of an emergency. In the years past the tighter controlled event without the extra 5,000 public attendees created a safer working environment, less stress, and the ability for the PRESS (ME) to actually do their jobs and demo games without too many people looming around. 

Just my shit two-sense.

Ryan Quon


Above the streets of DTLA at an after party event...the event sucked dick but the view was stellar. 

Above the streets of DTLA at an after party event...the event sucked dick but the view was stellar. 

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E3 2015 Xbox and PlayStation Media Briefing Discussion

Holy shit...holy shit out of the ass of Master Chief himself!!!...I cannot possibly write a description of this year's E3 2015 media briefings without personal opinions. Xbox was solid, straightforward, and well produced; while Sony, although their free booze and food was great focused on their console exclusive Japanese RPG-driven titles and one innovative possible mega title: Horizon Zero Dawn. Overall, as a gamer and someone who looks for ideas and innovations beyond the scope of human ingenuity...this year's E3 conference touched those ideals with 2 different and new titles coming soon to the titan platforms Xbox One and PlayStation 4. 

Let's start with Xbox. My ass and dickboy #2 woke up from our comfy beds at 5:45 AM because my badass self got V I Pee this year. Early access is always an added bonus. The perk of early VIP access is no lines, low amount of smelly sock-stinky ass gamer funk, and choice of first level Galen Center seats!!!

 To get shit out of the way the major and familiar titles like Halo 5, Fallout 4, and Gears of War sequels upon sequels drew the oooOo's and ahhHHs of rabid fanboys...We know it, we familiar with it, and we like it! However, the most innovative idea and thought provoking game that makes you think "hrmm, that looks interesting..." is RECORE. The stellar emotional attatchemnt as I sat and  watched the desolate landscape as the game streamed across the screen captivated me. The gameplay showing the robot-dog destroyed shocked my emotional compassion nerve. As the character takes the core/sphere and places it in the the body of empty robot body it comes to life with the familiar personality seen in the dog-bot which, the dog-bot sacrificed itself to save the main player to be reborn in a new body...captivating. Also, there was Tomb Raider...yes Laura Croft and her sexy exploits of over the top adventure is back...the bitch just couldn't take a helicopter to her destination in the game.

The rest of the briefing involved an Xbox Elite Controller which, I found out is $150 with interchangeable and customization of the D-pad, stick, and triggers...woopie shitz. However, it is Windows 10 compatible and therefore PC gamers like myself, can now be dickwads and play a PC game with an Xbox controller. Another key component to the conference was the final announcement of backwards compatible Xbox 360 games. Now you can play all your hard earned shelved games like Mass Effect on the allllll mighty Xbox One. As this year E3 takes shape...I am hesitant to report that Virtual Reality is very much a reality in this years expo...Minecraft showed off a stellar Xbox Occulus VR device that drew applause from the audience. Meh...VR has been attempted since the Nintendo's 1995 fail Virtual Boy that produced dizziness and motion So we will see if VR technology is THERE in terms of practical gameplay and AFFORDABILITY. Let's face the fun fact that snotty tweenagers will coerce their parents to buy them useless goggles to look even more ridiculous while playing games. It is bad enough humans look and do dumbshit while gaming and now to look completely moronic seems to be the wave of the future.  

Moving onto Sony's briefing, I am happy to say their 6:00 PM slot fits well with people. The promotion of free alcohol and food vendors is a great way to start your attendees off with boozing them up so they swoon at any gaming news and leaving suddenly in the event to take a shit, or piss. 

Well Sony is drawing their fan-base from old school and "exclusive-only" titles to their platform. oOOOoOoo. I got the feeling that PlayStation is going back to their roots of hardcore RPG/Japanese story developed games. For example, "The Last Guardian" Directed by Fumito Ueda that has been humorously in development since 2007 and the PS3...another title is the R E M A K E...and let's make this clear R E M A K E of the highly sought after Final Fantasy 7..about fucking time fuckers. The last Japanese title was Shenume III only familiar to those in the audience and I for one could give half a shit about this title...

Ok...enough of about Japanese titles. The meat and potatoes I felt, was the short teaser of The Batman and Star Wars: Battlefront. Those titles are badass and who wouldn't want to play a Rebel Alliance Trooper in the fashionable gameplay style of COD, Battlefield, and other modern FPS. 

THE game that stuck out for me as RECORE did for the game called Horizon: Zero Dawn by Guerrilla Games. The landscape and gameplay were just solid and stellar. The robotic creatures basked in a prehistoric-feel world that once had modern societies, drew me in. I like to see more of this game at E3 2015 Expo this week.

Lastly, Call of Duty and their douche-bag squad of developers created Black Farts III Modern Shit fare with more motion sickness gameplay and over-the-top FPS scenarios. Whatever, fuck Call of Dooty franchise. Ah yes, there was the fail of Uncharted 4 and the announcement of Sony's Vue service that launched today in Los Angeles. 

ahhh yehh....great time for star wars...

By Ryan Quon