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Stan Lee's COMIKAZE Expo October 30- November 1 2015

STAN LEE IS 93 YEARS OLD! WoW...please, while this genuine comic book writer and creator is here with us on this planet take the opportunity to meet one of the last Golden Age Comic Book writers alive!!! This weekend go with something fun and interesting! This Friday and Saturday for a very modest fee of $30.00 for one-day pass or $75.00 for a 3-Day pass visiting

Meet Todd McFarlane, Founder and President of Image Comics, Creator of Spawn and iconic industry entrepreneur Saturday only for a limited signing engagement in West Hall and panel with Stan Lee and friends on the Hot Topic Main Stage.
His groundbreaking artwork on Marvel’s Spiderman and Venom turned him into a household name. His creation of Spawn, formation of his own toy company and achievements as an animation filmmaker made him a comic book superstar.

Comikaze is stoked to announce that actors Manu Bennett, Danielle Panabaker AND Liam McIntyre will be joining us at Comikaze for photos, signings and PANELS! Manu and Liam can also be seen on Spartacus!
I am very proud to have interviewed Flash star Danielle Panabaker at Comicon earlier this July and she had some very interesting topics about how the Flash is filmed. 

Attention STAR WARS fans (which is everyone everywhere): Carrie Fisher, Star Wars’ PRINCESS LEIA, will grace the halls of Stan Lee's Comikaze Expo on Saturday October 31st for a special appearance - and you can PRE-BUY her photo and autograph GUARANTEEING your chance to be glittered by Sci-Fi ROYALTY!

As everyone knows, Ms. Fisher – who is also the voice of Peter Griffin’s boss Angela on Family Guy – will be reprising her iconic Princess Leia role in Star Wars: VII The Force Awakens. Carrie Fisher ranks among the most beloved  female sci-fi film stars of all time - and all of us attending Stan Lee’s Comikaze Expo are extremely excited by her presence in the show. The Orbiting Press and the Interactive Media Division has always been at the forefront of writing about the behind the scenes technology for movie making, gaming, and innovation. Stan Lee is 93 years old and by all means one must meet and attend his expo. He is one of the few left from the Golden Age of Comic Book writing. Comikaze also will feature writers, artist, and various celebrities. 

Written By Ryan Quon

Edited By Brent Bullard