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Are You Tired of Hollywood's SJW Character Archetypes and Protagonist?

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Are You Tired of Hollywood's SJW Character Archetypes and Protagonist?

Sigh...another pro feminist protagonist and SJW …

So this weekend the first images of another revisit to Terminator has yet again stirred another SJW pro-feminist approach to a beloved film franchise. In recent years many would agree that beloved franchises created by breakthrough producers and directors as James Cameron, George Lucas, Steven Spielberg, Ridley Scott, Christopher Nolan, to name a few, their film franchises  had been created with actual never-before cinema have been undone in recent times. One can target and blame the pro-liberal and millennial incursion of ideals forcing the SJW or, social justice warrior, archetype characters.  As many would agree that Hollywood is pushing the bullshit once again with Terminator.

What next? Hollywood producing a Back to the Future with the daughter of Marty McFly?? Come on Hollywood!!!

This SJW/pro-feminist protagonist is never going to stop because there are two camps in the thought process of people today. The first is the social acceptance of pro-liberal iconic female archetypes in film and cinema. The second, are people who speak-up against the SJW social bullshit. We see the incursion in the Star Wars franchise with Rey, her character becoming a bad-ass light-side wielding character overnight! Compared to the original Star Wars archetype, Luke Skywalker and his powerful Skywalker family.  I must point out that George Lucas in the beginning, had envisioned a female protagonist but threw that idea out in favor of a male (look how that decision turned out). Today, the SJW trend continues by butchering James Cameron's masterpiece Terminator franchise which, already past directors attempted to reboot with Christian Bale and even an older Arnold-Terminator. Many would agree you cannot have a successful terminator without Arnold! 


Of course, there will be people who target those who speak-up against these types of SJW character archetypes. Some will label you either a racist, or masculine pig. Many grew-up, like myself,  watching Charles Bronson, Dirty Harry movies, Sylvester Stallone movies, Arnold Schwarzenegger movies but now we are living in a time-frame where these character types and character building are swept aside for 20 minutes of character development and the character is a superstar overnight because marketing is a devil in sheep's clothing.  Hollywood does these things to get viewers on board:

1. Cast a hot female 

2. Cast two hot females in supporting roles

3. Hand-over an established franchise to the female protagonist


The announcement of a new Terminator movie viewers are seeing two females along side the iconic Sarah Conner played by Linda Hamilton (a badass in her own right). This photo tells me several things to expect from this movie. Another send-off of new blood within a franchise. These females alongside Linda Hamilton have some big-shoes to fill. The original Terminator and Terminator 2, Linda Hamilton on-screen is a force to be reckoned with.  This is Hollywood's current process of handing-off a successful franchise to less appealing actors/actresses. Can anyone agree that Solo followed this procedure? Disney killed-off Han Solo played by the iconic and beloved Harrison Ford, only to be replaced by a lesser actor and prequel. WHAT THE FUCKING- FUCK>>>?! Definitely the modern age of movie casting has been a game-changer in cinema and film. Viewers see sexy females not just in film but on television. Look at the weather anchors! TITS AND ASS! 


No, I am not jealous. No, I am not a racist. No, I am not picking on stereotypes but viewers are being forced to accept the SJW as a social standard. This strategy from Hollyowood continues to sell to the masses. SJW even filters their nasty imagery into comic books  all pop culture. People eat-up the SJW without asking questions as to why the fuck would you fuck with a great franchise like Terminator with someone who looks like Justin fucking Bieber?!?


Nevertheless, I do enjoy strong female archetypes with character background with historical pop-culture acceptance. For example, Gal Gadot portrayal of Wonder Woman is an excellent piece of female superhero protagonist. Instead, Terminator gets the SJW forced upon by Hollywood. 

In the end, this is both disturbing and at the same time hard to digest because this is the direction of the large corporate film industry and we are about to see that in years to come.  Hollywood continues to push the SJW social bullshit on viewers . Many would agree that a Terminator movie without Arnold Schwarzenegger is no Termnator movie. 

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