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Blizzard's Heroes of the Storm YouTube Stables Event

Blizzard Developer discussing contents of Heroes of the Storm!

Blizzard Developer discussing contents of Heroes of the Storm!

Alllllrighty! ready for another MOBA!??!? well shit, this event was nicely organized, open bar, 10 combatant stage, with modest media and Blizzard employees gathered about on June 6, 2015 from 11 AM to 3 PM. The event was broadcasted and recorded from the YouTube Stables building in West Los Angeles. 

Great, got that shit over with so lets move onto the the game-play. Have to say am very impressed with  the visuals of the game. Our friends from Cloud 9 got together a few pro-gaming MOBA teams to demonstrate how the game CAN be played at the level of an experienced player knowing their roles and classes. 

Asking around the room and pulling aside a couple of Blizzard employees I got a fundamental truth that in order to enjoy this game, one would need to have some familiarity with the games of Blizzard to recognized characters as Jaina Proudmoore, Arthas, Muradin Bronzbeard, Diablo and...The Lost Vikings from the 1992 SNES classic? whahHHHHhhh?!?

Dragon Shit-Shrine-gain the upper-hand by having your team take control of the shrines and summon the Dragonknight!

Dragon Shit-Shrine-gain the upper-hand by having your team take control of the shrines and summon the Dragonknight!

If you can make the connections, great. However, if you are not a Blizzard fan but are into MOBAS, you can definitely make the connections between the archetypes of THIS game and a little game known as, League of Legends. Let's not talk about comparisons and similarities. Nevertheless, I strongly feel this a standalone game with different perks throughout the map to gain the advantage. One unique perk in particular in this MOBA is the Shrine. 

Dragonshire is a traditional Three Lane Map where both teams start off fighting each other as they do in any map. The only difference is that there are Shrines in the middle of each of the lanes on this map.

The objective of this map is to take control of both the northern and southern shrines once they are activated. You take control of the shrines simply by having more players near then than your opponents do. When the shrine is yours it will remain yours unless the enemy team captures it.

While you have both of these shrines under your control you have to have a person in middle click and channel on the dragon knight shrine located in the middle of the middle lane. Once the channel is complete that person becomes the Dragonknight. When this happens one of the players will become literally a walking DPS/TANK smashing through the map through the gates and towers of the opposing teams base. This is by far a game experience that is unique and definitely worth looking into Heroes of the Storm for, if you are tired of the long drawn out MOBA matches. 

All in all, Blizzard has used its JuggernautZ $MONEY$ to fund another project that copies other game-plays out there. Will this hold up? Will this be successful? Too early to tell and gauge as Blizzard continues its trend to model other game-types on the market. Hold on, hold on you Blizzard hardcore gaming fanatics and trolls lets analyze a trend here...

1. Destiny (2014) "multi-platform" FPS that went the wayside. 

2. Warlords of the subs back to 10 million and lost the threshold again within a few      months (I played this game and un-subbed)

3. Hearthstone (2014) ...a online collectible card game...fuck people... ever heard of Magic the Gathering?

4. Heroes of the Storm (2015)

5. Overwatch (2016) another FPS unveiled in 2014...yah ...ok

SooooOoo...I love Blizzard as much as any but damn, the direction of the companies foresight is questionable and I do hope something will be developed that is a S-t-a-m-p Blizzard original! Anyyyways...I was happy to attend the event and glad to be a part of another Blizzard development that uses its player base to continue to monetize its juggernaut business. Please check out Heroes of the Storm for a unique twist to the game-play of MOBAs!

Blizzard employees combat one another while the losers sob to the left<<< lol. hot blonde playing :) I approve.