DC’s Man of Steel , Henry Cavill is the Witcher! 

Wow...ecstatic, among the other choices contending for the famous CD Projekt Red male protagonist that we played in the Witcher game series adaptation was Vikings lead Travis FImmel, Arrow's Stephen Amell, Mads Mikkelsen, LOTR's Viggo Mortensen, GoT's Nikolaj Coster-Woldau, and a select others can be seen here on IGN's website


This is a massive step-forward for Netflix’s Witcher series. It will be scripted and produced by Lauren Schmidt Hissrich all based on the fantasy novels by Andrzej Sapkowski rather than the insanely popular video game adaptations by CD Projekt Red—Cavill confirmed the casting on his Instagram page this morning. 

Regardless of the step-forward what we do know is the show is based on the novel adaptations. Therefore the Witcher Game that I and thousands of others are familiar with maybe in disappointment. The casting questions beg who will play Yennefer? Who will portray Triss? The Witcher pantheon of characters surrounding Geralt are just as important as the Witcher himself. 

I am in high hopes this Netflix show plans will come to fruition, however, the main protagonist is solidifed and for once a male centered character.  Lately in film and television, the SJW has been all to prominent. Let's see if Netflix casting will inspire the series to production.