PC Modders like  Bijin  gorgeously re-texture and model NPCs in Skyrim to be beautiful and eye-pleasing than the Vanilla version.

PC Modders like Bijin gorgeously re-texture and model NPCs in Skyrim to be beautiful and eye-pleasing than the Vanilla version.

Skyrim the Bethesda hit of 2011 still lives on and strong in 2018!

The reason being is Bethesda's release of the Special Edition and soon VR, now players can render the game in 4K textures and atmospheres look a lot more pleasing to the eye (even in the vanilla 2k version) yet, this is not enough! Bethesda's smash hit and one can argue, a masterpiece, is due to the independence of the PC modding community found on such sites as Nexusmods. In the PC world games like Skyrim stands the test of time, as most games fall off the planet and the market in a few months. Most game titles barely last a year and this includes RPGs. Whether FPS, RTS, MMORPGs, this Skyrim RPG stands alone as a super phenomenon on YouTube, Reddit, and modding sites which, solidified the legitimacy of Skyrim. One such YouTuber will definately inspire a Dragonborn to re-visit Skyrim over and over again: MxR Mods Channel. His videos get massive multi-viral video views and I am happy for his YouTube channel success. 

A new Dragonborn needs to venture to the YouTube channels and one can experience a whole new different game-play every time you start a new game! Ranting about how amazing Skyrim is one has to not be cheap, go on Steam and purchase the game for $19.99! The market-value of Skyrim stands the test of time especially, in the gaming world as most games are released, played for a year and in the next year a sequel is marketed.

Bethesda has enough bragging rights to be proud of Skyrim and Bethesda recently marketed the Special Edition and VR. This re-marketing value of a 7-year-old game will continue to create sub-content for YouTubers, mod developers, streamers, about the game and continue to create viral works from Skyrim content.

WHAAAAT???? MODS ON CONSOLES???   Eurogamer.net

WHAAAAT???? MODS ON CONSOLES??? Eurogamer.net

Of course there are those platforms that continue to be resistant and snobbish. Sony PlayStation can suck a fucking fat dick because they refuse to open up their console to the modding community. Perhaps it is the algorithms involved in coding to PlayStation, however, this is why Xbox One commands a stronger "creative" community. People may deny the simple fact that consoles are not as powerful platforms as the PC and limit the creativity of the gamer. Yes, most PC gamers are bragging master-race fucks ( I am one) but they have every reason to talk shit because Xbox One opened-up to the modding community and PlayStation has not!

Nevertheless, I am not sure about the aspiring Dragonborns out there but every time I play through this game, I find something different than my previous play-through. Here is another reason that I keep busting nuts over Skyrim!

CD Projekt Red‘s Witcher characters have been blessed by their developer to be utilized. Witcher character skins, voice-overs, spells and attack techniques from the Witcher franchise modded into Skyrim! The Witcher 3 I am also a busting-nut fan and in its own right one can say The Witcher 3 is a masterpiece too, released in 2015. I could go on and on Dragonborns but this game stands the test of time and is definitely a masterpiece in its own right! 

by Ryan

OoO yeah...Yennefer in Skyrim!

OoO yeah...Yennefer in Skyrim!