Oh shit! OHhhHH where do I begin and where do I start !?!?

Since Saturday I have been attending conferences at E3 especially, Microsoft Xbox! I am very ecstatic that Microsoft changed the briefing to the Microsoft Theater! Logically making sense that Microsoft would have the briefing at their own theater! Originally the Galen Center started at 8 AM on Monday but Sunday at 1 PM fits perfectly because you don’t have the general rush of morning traffic in downtown LA.




Alright I got that rant out-of-the-way. Microsoft came out strong this year and my take away is the announcement of 50 games and 15 exclusive titles! Just fucking bad ass however, I do wish that Executive President of Xbox Phil Spencer or, one of the game chief designers would discuss HDR and hit home with the capabilities of Xbox One X. Microsoft did not talk about HDR, or “high dynamic range” and 5K IPS nanotechnology which the Xbox One X is very capable of! Developers are still pinching their peanuts to develop games at this level! Here is one reason why I am a PC gamer because the visuals for me as a tech-guy are far beyond a console... however, of course the console is the most affordable type of gaming. Honestly Todd Howard (Bethesda Head Director) has always kept it real and taking their time with serious games taking advantage of high-quality visuals and great torytelling. @bethesda launched the original titles from DOOM, Quake and Wolfenstein! For me, the Fallout franchise has always been my favorite and  I’ve always stated to “nuke everyone!”... not literally but when society gets on my nerves. FBI I DID NOT MEAN THAT LITERALLY! The announcement of Fallout 76 with MMO-type game-play , collectors edition power suit helmet and glow in the dark map of the world! FHUcK Yeahhh !


All the Microsoft Xbox conference hit it out of the park with her new titles exclusive’s and demonstrating the power of the Xbox One X.



Sony PlayStation's review and takeaway for me has not been as strong in the past year with the conferences. I do approve of the limitation of the media invites to only those who are actually in the media and industry instead of Twitch streamers all over the place! I consider Twitch streamers not media. Sony put us in a room decorated in the scheme of the Last of Us 2  which is the world premiere of the popular survival-game. Overall, Sony takes care of their people with constant bombardment of refreshments, quality drinks, and spending a shit ton of money on pampering the industry. NOTHING WRONG WITH THAT! Perhaps the other big names could do the same. Food is the key to anyone's heart. Speaking of Hearts! KINGDOM HEARTS 3. My money is already in-line with the PS4 Collectors Edition. Possibly the oddest and for some reviewers "innovative" game is Hideo Kojima's Death Stranding. I do not know where to start with the direction and storyline of this title but I can say the video rendering is sexy as fuck! The facial rendering from the real-life actors/actress is beauitful and definately shows off Playstation's AMD chip! 


Overall both conferences had their big title contenders but I must say that for me, Xbox came out the stronger. In the past Sony has been kicking Xbox ass with popular titles like God of War! Nevertheless, the traction of the Xbox wheels have hit ground and Phil Spencer even teased a "next-gen console."

Thanks for reading...

by Ryan Quon