May 4th Be With You... or at least we expected coming into this event that it would be industry related and one would think the event would market the release of the Solo movie! When in fact, Das Bunker Night Club catered to a fan-based typical three floor renovated club located on 4069 Pico Boulevard in downtown Los Angeles (it used to be a gay bar).

Overall, my impressions initially entering the club that a-typical Star Wars fan will possibly find better entertainment elsewhere.  Investigating a little bit about the venue with three floors which, not a single DJ was bumping Star Wars themed-music. In talking to one of the host, he lead me to believe that Disney may have had a hand in legality. I doubt it. The place sucked. 

Therefore, the venue did not have any Star Wars techno, or club appropriate music representing the franchise ! The venue did contain a few patched-up wooden props and a green screen but other than that the drinks were highly expensive, the attendance more-or-less the social a-typical comic-con with alcohol atmosphere. People I observed had nothing better to do but take selfie‘s, drink and walk around with their sub-par cosplay. 

This of course is one person(s) opinion and I dislike to take a venue down with a poor review however, when the venue advertises there will be industry-related personnel coming, perhaps they were there in disguised. Interestingly, hardly anyone was talking about Star Wars and the fact that the Solo Movie will be out in a few days shocked me with no advertismenets, banners, or even Star Wars related murals! Instead the club owners posted up random images!