photo by IGN revealing the Conferences. 

photo by IGN revealing the Conferences. 

E3 in the past for me has been very fulfilling. Although in recent years which, I must rant about it, is E3 Managements movmenent and direction to applealing toward the masses. E3, the largest game convention of the year in recent years have opened thier doors to the public.

In the past, I have enjoyed the expo's exclusive media/industry/developer privileges. Since 2014 the E3 management has changed the scope and appeal to mass marketing and money laundry cash-cow. Yes, games are great. Yes, money is good. However, exclusive titles and previews should, at least in my opinion, be kept invite only. 

The conferences before the expo floor opens is still exclusive invite only. I look forward to these every year. However, these conferences have become overtly done and dragged out. E3 is all about previews and the largest tease of the year. However, I still come to enjoy the lucrative appeal of the atmosphere of gamers, developers and industry. 

See you all at E3!