The University of Southern California Interactive Media and Games Division has always supported the role of women in gaming. Especially women, like Jessie James, whom I had the complete honor of interviewing at E3 2016. I really need to stress and point out that Jessie a.k.a. "GeekandGamerGirl" does not use sex appeal to grab an audience. Twitch.Tv has been a phenomena for the past 5 years since their launch in 2011. Now Twitch is the official broadcaster of many gaming events like E3. 

What I really respect Jessie for is her steadfast ability to not use the female physique to grab viewers. Instead her streams focus on actual gaming content. Jessie is an actual gamer. Meaning she is a true 100 percent gaming-chick with a solid personality and the ability to actually explain what she is doing while playing. Not many can do this. This is why Jessie is in our spotlight for Women in Gaming! The great thing about Jessie is that she does not have to get "carried" sort-of-speak, by other gaming people behind the scenes. If you watch carefully on other streamers, they use sex-appeal and other gaming pro's to make the Twitch stream "look" good. Not all personalities do this but as a viewer, I recommend to really take a look at who you donate to and try not to fall into that dupe of heavy make-up. Literally some streamers take advantage of the geek culture and there can be problems. 

GeekandGamerGirl is a genuine personality from Sydney, Australia. Her accent not only makes her appealing to view, it is also the content that she chooses to stream. While interviewing, Jessie explained she grew-up around classic systems like SEGA, Nintendo, and 90's PC games. What I enjoyed about our meeting is how GEEKY we got discussing classic game consoles AND classic PC games. Yes, this girl knows her PC's. Unlike other personalities on Twitch, GeekandGamerGirl knows her gear. This showed when Microsoft invited Jessie to E3 2016 as a special guest! Jessie's knowledge and perseverance are her greatest strengths and she has marketed, developed, and produced her own content. This is admirable. She did not need any major studio to help her along.

You can visit her channel below and be a subscriber to this wonderful personality!