Students! If you missed out on the legendary comic book writer and pop-culture innovator Stan Lee…no worries! because USC was there at the event to cover the latest innovations of comic book characters, interactive media, and above all the cosplay! Why do we go to Comic-Cons? to geek out. To buy Stuff, see stuff, enjoy all the things that “nerds” were scrutinized in the early generations, now turned pop-culture. We like geek-dom all in one place. With San Diego Comicon, the mother load of all conventions, being virtually impossible to get into, (even for professionals now) Stan Lee’s Comikaze is a wonderful event packed with all the great things we love. Cosplayers in awesome costumes, vendors selling cool stuff, celebrities in the industry, many independent creators promoting their work….and more.

USC was there to look into the innovations as media and to look into the new techniques utilized to draw, color, paint, and develop the modern day Comic Book. Also known as a graphic novel, comic books have been a generational success drawing additional readers to the many publishers like DC, Marvel, Dark Horse, Image, and even independents! What was great about Stan Lee’s Comikaze is the innovation promoted by the writers and publishers. You could attend certain panels in isolated meeting rooms to learn how to imagine, write, and develop storybooks…the foundation(s) of becoming a writer. Other panels included penciling, sketching, inkers, and editing.

A wonderful experience for the few USC students who attended and hope to draw more from the interactive community to these smaller expos!

written: by Ryan Quon and Brent Bullard